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Childcare Enrollment Deposit Envelopes

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One of the best ways to ensure providers receive proper withdrawal notice is to require a deposit at enrollment.

Years ago I incorporated a two-week enrollment deposit as a part of every new enrollment at my childcare.

The only problem is because I am so busy sometimes I would forget if the deposit had been received or if it was still outstanding.  Sometimes the deposit would get comingled with the tuition payments.

I needed a system to help me to receive and record the enrollment deposits.

So I created Enrollment Deposit Envelopes.

Just like at the bank, these Childcare Enrollment Deposit Envelopes provide a secure carrier for deposit payments.

They also provide an opportunity to remind parents that an enrollment deposit is due.  And because they were created specifically for childcare, they have areas to record what was received and when.

Encourage your clients to submit an enrollment deposit.

Using a specific deposit envelope increases the chances clients will notice (and remember) to submit an enrollment deposit.  

At the same time using the envelopes also presents a professional process for your childcare business.

Using a childcare deposit envelope sets up an EASY to use system for collection and recording deposit payments.  You can even provide these envelopes with your enrollment packet.

Order these Childcare Tuition Payment Envelopes today.


Each 9.96" x 3.86" envelope is perfect for receiving cash or check payments.

Available in packs of 20, 50, 100, 200 or 500 pcs.

NOTE:  Watermark not visible on the final product.


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